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Setting the Industry Standard

Clausing has led the way in industrial machine manufacturing and machine tool excellence since 1911. Our team is committed to achieving the highest standards in the superior equipment, world-class customer service and expert technical support we deliver to each client. Our machine tools have been tested and tried by the most challenging applications worldwide, proving our ability to meet the needs of any fabrication operation.

Types of Commercial CNC Machines and Industrial Equipment Models that Clausing Offers

Clausing is proud to offer one of the world's most comprehensive and diverse CNC equipment and machine tool selections. Our extensive lineup makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your operation's needs, whether you require CNC lathesindustrial bandsawsvertical machining centers or other types of equipment.

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Our broad selection of CNC lathes uses advanced technology that delivers peak production for many fabrication processes, including turning, grooving, facing, drilling and more. Our options include large swing CNC lathesClausing CNC power turn lathesClausing CNC multiturn lathes and Clausing Colchester Typhoon lathes.

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Our industry-leading CNC knee mills and CNC bed mills with easy-to-use controls and programmable spindle speeds bring powerful CNC capabilities to your fabrication shop. Our CNC knee mills offer full 2- or 3-axis control with semi-automatic or manual operation, while our bed mills provide 3-axis control with load capacities up to 2,000 pounds.

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With high accuracy, premium-quality components and affordable prices, our vertical milling centers (VMCs) deliver the performance and speed you need. Our line of Storm VMCs features durable, solid cast-iron bases and saddles that ensure less vibration than conventional models with fabricated bases.

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Our manual lathes set the industry standard for affordability, exceptional performance, high accuracy and superior quality across a fast application range. Equipment examples include precision tool room lathesgeared-head and variable speed latheslarge swing lathes and C-Series lathes.

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Clausing is pleased to offer an extensive range of durable, extra heavy-duty knee mill and bed mill equipment that meets your applications' needs. Models range from horizontal mills and standard knee mills to combo millsuniversal mills and standard and super bed mills.

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Our ruggedly built lineup of saws adds power and performance to your operation with the industry's leading cutting technology. Options include horizontal bandsawsproduction cold sawsdouble-column bandsawshorizontal miter saws and vertical bandsaws.

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Our grinding equipment delivers the high-performance solutions you need for day-to-day operations around your shop. Equipment like manual surface grindersautomatic surface grindershydraulic surface grindersstandard cylinder grinders and CNC grinders ensures high-performance drilling and finishing.

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Our lineup of large-capacity, heavy-duty drills offers a superior solution for your finishing processes that require precision drilling or boring. Examples in this product line include prismatic-column drill pressesradial drills and round-column drill presses.

Machine Tools for Drilling, Milling, Turning, Grinding, Sawing and More

Clausing's selection of precision machine tools represents the best value in the industry by delivering high production and accuracy at the most cost-effective prices. We build all our equipment with premium parts and materials, meeting strict design and manufacturing specifications to achieve the industry's top quality standards. Our engineers and technicians use advanced quality control processes to ensure optimal craftsmanship and precision throughout each manufacturing phase.

More than 400 distributors and dealers feature our products across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, international distributors are ready to assist with providing the industrial machines you need outside of North America. With our easy access to parts and top-notch technical support, manufacturing companies and fabrication shops consistently choose our equipment over competitors.

Advantages of Choosing Clausing as Your Industrial CNC Machine Supplier

At Clausing, our primary mission is to exceed each client's expectations for high-quality equipment, exceptional customer service and industry-best technical expertise. Our success in meeting those goals for over a century has earned us a reputation as the industry's top industrial machine manufacturing company. Clausing’s membership in organizations like the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) exemplifies our efforts as a leading industrial CNC milling machine and lathe supplier.

Our service center provides unparalleled support for all your operational needs, from replacement components to time studies that help increase production. With an inventory of over 73,000 parts, we can deliver the solutions you need to keep your equipment running in peak condition with minimal downtime.

Other benefits you'll enjoy when partnering with Clausing include:

  •  Highly trained and qualified technicians that can service all locations.
  •  Hundreds of distributors across North America.
  •  Training services and programs that keep staff and dealers informed of the latest products and technologies.
  •  Quick and efficient service and support, with most replacement parts shipping within 24 hours.

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If you're looking to partner with a top CNC machine manufacturer that can handle all your equipment, customer service and technical support needs, Clausing is a perfect choice. We offer one of the market's most extensive equipment selections to handle unlimited fabrication applications across a broad industry range. Call 269-241-9274 or contact us online today for additional information or to request a quote.